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澳門半島污水廠喉管更換工程 / Macao Peninsula Sewage Treatment Plant

工程項目內容為緊急維修舊有破損的污水管道。由於污水處理廠處理整個澳門半島的污水過濾淨化,而工程期間需要暫停該廠運作。故工程以24小時的作業方式進行,以縮短工期。工作中亦面對不少困難,如密閉空間工作和不明有害氣體等風險。最後在48小時內完成管道維修更換並於60小時內重新通水。 The project was for the emergency repair of damaged sewage pipes. As the sewage treatment plant to deal with the entire Macao Peninsula sewage filtration purification, and during the project need to suspend the operation of the plant. So the project to 24 hours of operation to reduce the duration. As this work also faces many difficulties, such as confined space work and unknown harmful gases and other risks. And finally in 48 hours to complete the pipeline replace and replacement within 60 hours to re-water.