The Spice Lounge

健康和安全 / Health & safety

我們承諾為每一位員工提供安全和健康的工作環境,避免各類永久性傷害。 通過提高各級人員的安全意識,我們始終保持對工作環境的評估,確保員工的健康和安全,避免將其置於一個危險環境中。 一旦發現存在安全風險,我們將共同合作,尋找有效方式將其消除或對風險進行控制。
We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for every one of our people with the aim of eliminating all permanent injuries. Through strong safety leadership at all levels, we are constantly assessing the workplace for health and safety risks that can place our people in danger. Once the risks are identified, we work together to find innovative ways to eliminate or control those risks.